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I was given a ticket for going 70 in a 55 mph work zone in NC will the points go on my MD license?

Rocky Mount, NC |

Haven't had any points on my license in over 30 years. It was pouring down raining and the sign said workers ahead 55 mph. There weren't any workers in that kind of rain and I was just keeping up with traffic in the right lane. The regular speed limit in that area is 70.

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More than likely as most states ding your Drivers license with points for speeding tickets that are greater than 10 over the posted speed limit. You should just check with the DMV website or call them.


The Interstate Compact means that moving violations from different states are reported to your home state. Each state has its own set of rules for how many points are assessed for different violations as well as what the ramifications are for a given number of points. In your case this means that this ticket is very probably going to be reported back to Maryland, and it will be up to them to determine how many points this puts on your record and what consequences will follow. I suspect that they will base their determination by comparing this violation to the MD equivalent, and then they will do whatever they would have done if you had gotten the ticket in that state. Note that if you want to avoid all of these problems you could get a traffic lawyer in the county where you were ticketed to have the whole thing reduced down to a violation that would not be reported....

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You need to get an attorney to handle the ticket. As Mr. Welch stated, there are different laws in different states that will dictate how this is going to affect your license. The main concern is the preservation of your license. MD may consider this to be a revocable offense. . . . meaning, they might have the power to suspend your license for this violation. If you hire a local attorney, you can make sure you get the best possible deal with minimal ramifications.

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Yes....any points assigned or rather any conviction will be reported to your home State of MD. With a good record, I think most attorneys could get this citation amended to a non-moving violation. Every county or jurisdiction is different, and has their own policies, regarding reductions or amendments to citations.


Yes, NC will transfer the info about a conviction to your friends at MDMVA. The nice folks in Glen Burnie get info sent from our HQ in Raleigh with no problem whatsoever. If there were orange color signs reading "work zone" and signs also specifying that there was a $250.00 penalty for speeding in that work zone, please don't mess around. Get yourself a lawyer here in the Tarheel State and get them a copy of your MVA record- 30 years with no violations is a record of which to be proud and one that any of us defense attorneys would gladlly show the assistant DA ( same as MD's State's Attorney) to help obtain a reduction in charges. - -