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I was given a misdemeanor for paraphernalia, do I need a lawyer?

Ypsilanti, MI |

I a 19, in Ypsilanti. Michigan. I want to know if I need a lawyer and what kind or fines/penalties I am looking at

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Typically this kind of charge is one through the city or township, meaning there is not a state law on the crime. Therefore, this will likely be a 90 or 93 misdemeanor with a fine. But because the city or township is the one controlling the crime, the fine could vary. You should contact an attorney because there may be something that he or she can do for you. It is never good to deal with a drug or drug-related crime with the assistance of an attorney, even when they seem minor.


Absolutely. You may be able to keep it off your record. At your age, an attorney can petition the court or plea bargain for HYTA (Youthful Trainee Act) status (for offenders age 18 but under age 21). After a period of probation (which may include drug testing), the offense will be dismissed if you get HYTA status. Don't mess around. If you cannot afford a lawyer, ask for a court-appointed lawyer.


At your age, you have a lot of options. If you're interested in further discussing your case, feel free to view my profile and contact me.



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