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I was given a citation which was labeled a misdemeanor. I went to court and paid the fine. Was I considered "convicted"?

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The citation was for smoking a cigarette in a public park. In case anyone asks if I've been "convicted" in a court of law or have a "misdemeanor", should I mention this? Also would this bar me from entering other countries like Canada?

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Are you sure it was a misdemeanor ? Check with immigration attorney or Canada consulate .



If you went to court and paid the fine, you were convicted.

However, it's possible that the offense was reduced to an infraction. If it was a misdemeanor, you would have been entitled to a jury trial and a court-appointed public defender. The judge would also be required to have you waive those rights before entering a plea.

I would go to the courthouse where this offense was filed and look at the court's file to see if you were actually convicted of a misdemeanor.

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No it will not bar you from entering Canada. The only people who have problems are those with DUIs in the last 5 years. In Canada a DUI is a felony.