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I was given a citation for littering in SC, from out of state, what should I do?

Bluffton, SC |

I was given a citation for littering in SC and was told $470, i told them that the officer said $155 and they said I had to have it approved from the judge. I was recently let go from my job and I am not financially able to travel 15 hours to SC or pay a $470 fine at this time. Who should I talk too? Can I get an extension? Since the amount of litter was under 15 pounds (cigarette butt) can the judge somehow approve the $155 without me being present? Are there any special considerations for people out of state so that they don't have to travel long distances and spend more money getting there and back than the actual fine? Much appreciated.

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If you never go back to SC there is not much they can do with the citation to collect $155 or $470. If you want you can write a letter to the court explaining what happened and where you live. Enclose the $155 and ask the court to accept it as full payment.

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Contact a local attorney that could help you with this. use this link -

There are no special provisions in SC law for out of state defendants. So, please consult with an attorney.