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I was gay raped, submitted to it because of blackmail to my wife but the guy wants more, can I press charges but keep it secret?

Sacramento, CA |

i had an office affair with a woman whose a coworker where I work. Word got around and everyone was talking about it. My wife has no clue because she doesn't work there and isnt friends with anyone there.

Well this gay guy at my office came up to me and told me that if I didnt let him blow me he'd tell my wife. I refused, but then he showed me a videotape of me and my coworker going at it late one night at the office cause he's security and has access to that. We didn't know we were videotaped.

I broke down and let him do it. He just gave me a blow job, which I didn't think was so bad but then he wanted it like every week. Now he's demanding to f*ck me anally and I just can't do that. Can I have him arrested for rape? And will rape shield protect my identity so that my wife never knows?

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TMI and all that that reveals.

Really, there are so many sites here on the Internet that invite your best literary efforts. You can peddle these scenarios there more productively.

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"[C]an I press charges but keep it secret?" -- No. Apparently you're irresistible to both men and women. Perhaps a change in jobs without co-workers is more appropriate for you. Or, as Ms. McCall suggests, you should put your fictional writing skills to better use elsewhere.

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While I also have my doubts about the veracity of your claims, I am going to assume that you are serious and that this has happened to you. If it has, you must understand how difficult it is for us to accept because it is so bizarre.

There is no way to proceed with reporting this blackmailer with a guarantee that your wife will not find out. Certainly, you can (and should) immediately call the police or go to the police station and report this situation. You can ask the police to keep it confidential, but they have no duty to do so. You will have to explain why you have been called to testify in court hearings as well.

If you do report this, the crime may be criminal extortion instead of rape.

And keep in mind, if you do report, you will probably face the same incredulous response that you did here.

We all end up facing the consequences of our bad decisions. Yours was to cheat on your wife, and then complicate it by agreeing to this plan. Keep it in your pants and be more responsible and you will avoid these kinds of situations.

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