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I was forced to fire both my attorneys. Court date is for this friday. What are my options. I need representation.

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I have hired two attorneys for my case and as a result have exhausted my savings. I have already contacted the office of the public defender. They say they cannot take my case because the courts denied my attorney's motion to withdraw from my case. I have since sent this attorney a certified letter to release him. I need to hire another attorney and fast as my court date is this coming friday. Do I have another option I dont know about?

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If the court did not relief your attorney, your attorney will have to be in court for the hearing



I understand. However, I want to release this attorney, he's really made a mess of my case.


You will need to convince the court by getting a court order. If you've lost that motion then you'd better make peace with your trial counsel.


You should appear in court and work out any differences you have with your attorney. You risk having your bail revoked if you fail to appear or be ready to go forward with your matter.


If the court refused to release the lawyer then you are stuck with him unless you can convince the court to release him. A certified letter won't do it.

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I agree with my colleagues. I often am curious when individuals "fire their attorneys" whether it is done because the attorneys are failing them or because they are being told things that they wish not to hear. You may need to work with them so I suggest you evaluate that. If they have failed to interview witnesses, return phone calls, answer questions, then you need to communicate this to the court. Be specific with who they have not spoken to. Have specifics ready. These are true issues. The court may be more concerned that you are purposely delaying the proceedings.

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