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I was fired with a drug use charge. I worked with an OSHA regulated company . After a week and a few days I was told I was clea

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For the next 3 days I drove equipment unloading lumber trocks etc. Day 4 after cleared by mgmt. I recieved a call from the drug testing facility to acertain any other meds i might be takeing. THC was the substance found . The following day I brought in a truckload of concrete in plain view of the Store Mgr. I finished putting concrete away and another mgmt teem pulled me {not physicaly } off to be let go by the store mgr.I was put on a virtual rollercoaster of anxiety to deep depression before the final time. Was Mgmt. negligent . I dont wish to return. The imediate store MGMT said there will be NO contesting Unemployment bennifits AT THIS STORE LEVEL but could not help if corporate shoots me down from collecting benifits. I worked there almost 20 years.

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If you tested positive for THC and that was a valid test, that may be sufficient cause to deny your unemployment benefits. However, it sounds like maybe there was something suspect about the drug test. Accordingly, if benefits are denied, you may want to reach out to an attorney that handles unemployment claims to assist you with this.


Your post leads me to need answers to several questions, many of which are quite personal in nature. I would be happy to discuss this matter with you confidentially and free of charge. Feel free to contact my office at (239) 985-9691.

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