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I was fired from my trucking job because of accidents which my company think the accidents were preventable.

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First accident I was stop and my truck slid to the side and hit a big rock because of loos gravel.
Second, Bad weather visibility was 0 and icy, snowy roads but my boss insisted I try to drive and make my deliveris which I was going 45 miles in hour on the interstate and my truck slid and went off the road, officer did not give me a ticked he gave me a latter to prove to my employed thet I did nothing wrong, the accident happened do to a bad weather condition.
Third, I demaged dolly in my trailer while I was leaven early in a morning because I forget I did not pull them up because I was so in a hury do to a busy deliverys for thet day. DO YOU THINK THIS IS SOMETHING I CAN WIN ON MY APPEAL LATTER TO UNEMPLOYED.

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Unemployment benefits decisions almost always go in favor of the employee as of late so if those are all the facts it appears you should prevail.

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The is not really a question for a truck accident attorney. I switched practice to employment law. Maybe someone there can help answer this.

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This is an employment law question.


I agree with the responding attorneys that this at its crux, an employment law question. You may want to consult with a local employment lawyer to review your case and advise you accordingly.

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