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I was fired from my job and when i asked why, they said they were advised not to tell me. is this legal?

Garland, TX |

i had no knowledge that i would be fired for anything and now that i am fired with no reason, i dont know what to tell any future employees and this could become a problem with finding a job.

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I would run it by a discrimination attorney in TX. It doesn't sound like they are operating in an above board manner.

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Please remember Texas is an "at-will" employment state. Employers may discharge you for any reason or no reason as long as it is not based upon a protected trait. Those traits being: race, color, national origin, sex, age, or religion.

If you feel your employer has committed an unlawful employment practice, contact a local employment lawyer as soon as possible.

Good luck.


In fact, there is no legal obligation for an employer to provide a statement of grounds for termination unless there is an employment contract or union agreement that so provides (a very rare circumstance). Many employment attorneys who practice employer-side law, consistently advise businesses and employers to make NO statement of grounds when terminating an employee. There is no upside to the employer in ever making a statement of grounds.

If the employee files for unemployment benefits, at that time there is ordinarily required a statement of the employer's reason for termination. In some circumstances, even then the employer's interests are better served by waiving objection to the claim and keeping silent as to the reasons for termination. Hence, the only way to truly "force" a statement of the reasons for termination is to commence litigation.

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