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I was fired for complaining about being harassed. is there anything i can do abou this?

New Port Richey, FL |

i was at first being sexually harassed by another employee. i told my boss several times but nonthing changed. then this employees attitude changed towards me and he became hostile and agressive in a non sexual way. was making it very hard to do my job. i told my boss again about his and he fired my saying he didnt need any 'BAD CHEMESTRY' in his work place. what can i do about this?

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Attorney answers 2


Based upon the facts you provided, it sounds like you may have a case for wrongful termination. It is unlawful for employers to terminate an employee based solely upon the fact that the employee had complained or acted as a whistleblower about another employees inappropriate behavior. Here, it sounds like the entire basis for your termination was because you had complained about being sexually harassed by a co-worker. I highly recommend that you meet with an attorney in your region who specializes in wrongful termination. Good luck.


You might want to consider filing an EEOC Charge for retaliation under TItle VII and the Florida Civil Rights Act. I have posted on my blog about the process for filing and EEOC Charge. Feel free to check it out at