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I was falsely charged and arrested of a crime I did not commit.

Casselberry, FL |

I need help to clear my name/record of a crime I did not commit. There is physical evidence and witnesses to prove my innocence.
I was arrested and the "victim" bonded me out 3 days later. 30 days later he had the charged dropped.
I want to do a Petition for Wrongful arrest/Incaration and need help.
I have never had a criminal record and my area of work is law. I cannot work due to this record being out there. I should not have to pay to expunge my record due to this person having me falsely arrested.

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If you want your record cleared, expungement is likely your only option. You can't blame the police for arresting you when they had a "victim" who presumably reported you to them. You can sue the "victim" for lying to the police and causing you all this trouble, but that is likely the extent of your legal options.

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