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I was falsely accused of shoplifting at my local Walmart. What legal recourse do I have, if any?

Sacramento, CA |

As I was leaving a local Walmart a man stepped in front of me and and prevented me from leaving the store. He identified himself as a member of the assest protection team. He said I need to have you come with me. As I tried to leave he stepped in front of me really close using his arms to keep me there. I thought someone was playing a joke on me because he was eating a box of fiddle faddle. I asked why and he said, "we have you on tape and on my phone taking the white box." I said what are you talking about, I dont have any white box. I removed the contents from my purse (my choice) at the front door to show him he had made a mistake. He continued to ask me where was the white box. He said he had me on tape and on his phone performing this crime, which wasn't true.

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You may have been wrongfully imprisoned, even if it was only for a short amount of time.

Store owners have something called a "shopkeeper's privilege," where they can detain someone in their store if they have probable cause to believe that the person is stealing.

So, if they had no probable cause to think you were stealing, they shouldn't have done that. If they did have probable cause, they had the right to do so.