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I was eating a Baby Ruth candy bar a few weeks ago bit down on it broke part of my tooth.. Got it fixed. It was a small rock.

Denham Springs, LA |
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Certainly it would not be expected that a rock would be in a candy bar. I suggest looking up an attorney in your area to discuss your rights.


Save the rock and retain a local defective products lawyer to investigate a claim.


Save the rock the rest of the candy bar and the wrapper and take them to a local attorney to investigate. Best of luck.

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As the other attorneys have suggested, save the rock, save the wrapper, save any photos you may have taken to document the Baby Ruth and/or your tooth, and request a copy of your dental records, including any x-ray films the dentist took (there may be a fee for this, if so, you may wish to wait until you retain counsel).

There are many personal injury attorneys in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas, there's a great attorney in Lafayette, Clay Burgess. If you don't mind travelling to Lafayette, he's one of the best. (337) 234-7573.

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