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I was driving my dad's car got a speeding & no seat belt ticket but officer didn't put my dad's info or insurance on the ticket.

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I got a speeding on the Auburn/Enumclaw road for going 68 in a 50 zone where everyone drives 60+, I recognize I was going fast I'm not fighting that, so I got a speeding ticket and a no seat belt ticket for myself and for my sister who is 10 because I didn't realize that there was a lap seat belt since I rarely drive. However, the officer failed to write down that the vehicle belonged to my dad and the insurance information can I fight the ticket? Is it worth it? Also if I get a deferred finding what does that mean for me and my record? Will the ticket go away?

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You always have a right to contest a traffic infraction. To do so, be sure to send your request to the court within 15 days of receipt of the ticket. However, only you can determine whether contesting a traffic infraction is worth your time and expense based upon your personal circumstances. The fact that the officer may not have written down your father's information on the notice of infraction is not likely to get you very far with a judge.

A deferral is an option if you have not had one within the past 7 years, but it is discretionary with the judge. If you are granted a deferral and comply with all conditions then the infraction will be dismissed and will not go on your record so it can be a good option.

You may want to talk to an attorney who handles these types of cases. Typically, for a fee of $250 or $300 you can hire an experience attorney to go to court for you to fight the ticket and/or negotiate a reduction. If you are not knowledgable in the law and court proceedings this can be money well spent.


I agree with the above answer that the officer's failure to include insurance and vehicle information may not go far with a judge, but it may be an indication of how thoroughly the officer adhered to all of the other requirements when issuing a ticket (that includes your speeding ticket!).

There are numerous ways an experienced attorney can get your tickets either reduced significantly or dismissed. Depending on your current insurance rates and your driving record it may be worth a phone call and/or consultation. There will be a default judgment against you on the tickets if you do not contest them within the 15 day period. You can certainly appear on your own behalf and contest the ticket, but the individuals who are represented by an attorney usually obtain a more favorable result.

Our firm travels out to Auburn and Enumclaw regularly for contested traffic ticket hearings and would be happy to assist you with any further questions.