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I was driving in Lexington around 4am and I was pulled over for my headlights not being on. He cited me for that and not having

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a valid insurance card. Then he found two empty bags of marijuana and also paraphernalia and confiscated them both. I am charged with the possession of marijuana and of drug paraphernalia as well as failure to illuminate head lamps and failure to produce insurance card. What do I need to do??

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You need to retain an attorney. They can look at the State's discovery in the case and determine whether there are grounds for a motion to suppress. From your statement, the officer had grounds to pull you over. The remaining question was whether there were proper grounds to search the vehicle. Only a review of the officer's report concerning his observations and actions leading up to the search can determine that. Hire an attorney to represent you.

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What do you need to do?? Stop using and possessing marijuana; stop having drug paraphernalia on your possession and in your car; get valid car insurance; and drive with your headlights on when it's dark, for starters. Seriously, if you are seeking legal input here I hope that means you are also interested in more than just resolving the charges against you. You should be interested, also, in getting your life together. You should start by talking to a criminal defense lawyer about the charges and also discuss how some life changes may help in your case.