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I was driving a rental car on the Turnpike a truck tire was on the road I hit it causing some damage .what are my options ?

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On the Turnpike after a toll a semi-truck in front of me changed from right to left lane I was on the left and moved to the right lane when I saw at the last moment a truck tire was on the road with the truck on my left and side road on the right I hit the tire in plain front center of the car, causing some damages.I parked the car at the rental car wife returned the keys the next morning telling that we hit a tire.the agents signed the returned contract without any further questions. They called us 30 minutes later mentionning the damages.what are now my options? Is a possible third party involved?Should I give my personnal insurance infos for the rental agents involved my insurance or since they signed the contract first with no problems can it changed something please let me know

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We can't tell you the specific impact of any contract without reviewing the contract language. The tire in the road is simply a road hazard. If you chose not to purchase insurance through the rental agency, you must submit it to your own insurance.

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You need to turn it over to your own carrier if you did not purchase insurance when you rented the car. Even though they signed the contract without giving you problems when you returned the car, there is no answering your question about this without actually seeing the contract they signed.

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If you rented the car with a credit card that provides coverage for damage to the motor vehicle you should immediately notify that company and make a claim. The amount of coverage if any is usually limited up to the amount of your collision deductible coverage on your car. You must also submit the claim to your own insurance company and then determine who will pay for the damage.


Unless you know where the tire came from there will be no third party case. If you took out the supplemental insurance from the rental car company then that policy should cover any damages. If not, you can either pay the rental care company out-of-pocket, or report it to your own auto insurance carrier.

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