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I was driving a company truck and was in a accident,i was found to be a fault.can i be sued personaly

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Yes, you can be sued personally. The insurance covering the company truck will cover you as long as you were using the truck with permission. Your company can also be sued if you were on company business or if they entrusted the truck to you knowing you were incapable of driving safely. If you get served with suit papers, turn them in right away to your company and/or the insurance company for the truck.

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the accident happen in 2010,we have not heard anything from anyone until now,i no longer work for the company


Yes, you can. Typically, the plaintiff in a civil action will sue any and all possible parties; In your case, you and your employer are both obvious defendants. The insurance company which insures the vehicle can be expected to step in and attempt to settle the matter, but if the insurance is insufficient to satisfy the damages to the plaintiff, it is very possible that you and your employer will be "on the hook" for any additional damages which the plaintiff suffered.


When someone is legally liable, the lawsuit goes against the individual even if that invdividual has liability insurance coverage. The insurance carrier, however, is responsible for providing counsel for a legal defense and for paying for any settlement or judgment within the policy limit.

Good luck.


Yes. You can be sued for the injuries and damages caused by your own negligence. The insurance on the company truck will most likely pay the claim. They will also provide an attorney to represent you in the event you are sued personally. Make sure the accident is reported to the company's insurance carrier. And, if you are ever served with a lawsuit be sure to give the documents immediately to the insurance company so they can defend you.


I agree with all of the prior responders. You can be sued personally and I would certainly expect that you would be listed on the civil complaint if a lawsuit has been filed. All parties are generally listed. More information would be needed to determine whether or not you would risk having any personal liability. Generally what happens is your employer has insurance to cover said accident and that insurance company has a lawyer who will represent the company. Part of representing the company could potentially involve representing you as well as an employee for the company. I would speak with a local lawyer immediately if you have any further questions. Most lawyers will offer free initial consults and could review your particular situation with you in more detail. If you are not familiar with any local lawyers, then you can certainly contact your local bar association and they will be able to refer you to a lawyer who handles that sort of matter.

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