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I was divorced in Nov,2009 my ex-wife filed for the divorce the thing is I never recieved notice of the court date or anything.

Kodak, TN |

I was wandering should I have been notified of any and all court dates?also I was awarded the home by my ex and am trying to get her name off the deed should her lawyer not have had her do a quit claim deed during all this?My main concern is is that her lawyer never sent me any notice of anything my ex was the one who brought me the papers when it was final and she held on to them for over a month before she gave them to me.What if anything can I do?

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Get to a lawyer ASAP.
We have had two very significant cases involving a person not actually going through with the divorce like they said they would.
You need an attorney to check the court records and your land title.
You might be OK but you might be in a big mess. Only competent legal assistance can tell.