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I was divorced from wife & in the final judgement,I was given a car & if house was sold was to get portion of sale

Sparta, WI |

I have found out that she sold both items & didnt tell me also didnt give me money for the sale. I have no job or money to retain a lawyer. I need to know what forms & where I can find them to take her back to court .

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That depends on how long it has been. You can reopen if the case is recently closed. Few months.

Otherwise it is a contempt issue, and there are no standard form that will do it perfectly.
If you want a form to base your drafting on (try FA-4172), it would be a Notice of Motion and Motion for Contempt.
You will need to attach the Judgment of Divorce and the MSA (if any). You will need to make four(4) copies of that set and submit them to the clerk of courts in your county. They will assign a date and stamp them and return them to you. Lastly, the ex must be perosnally served. It is best to use a service provided. Then take the document they give you back and file it with the clerk of courts.

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