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I was disinherited in my dads will but my last name was misspelled. Is this grounds for contesting the will?

Springfield, VT |

My last name is the same as his so it appears he misspelled his own last name.

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The question of whether grounds for a will contest exist can only be answered after a detailed examination of all the facts and circumstances. I agree that it is odd that your last name, which is also his last name, was misspelled, but it's also true that misspellings are very common and people don't always read carefully before signing things, even their own wills. Based on the amount of information you provide here, I can't really tell if there exist sufficient grounds to contest the will.

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Good luck.


I agree with attorney Taylor. Much more information would be needed in order to assess your situation. You have addressed this question to the personal injury section of I would suggest that you contact a probate attorney in Springfield Vermont and discuss the individual facts of your circumstances with the attorney.

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