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I was discharged from Bankruptcy Chapter 7, 1 and a half years ago. I did not sign a reaffirmation agreement for my truck loan.

Gobles, MI |

If I send the truck back to the bank am I liable for the payments, or am I protected under the Bankruptcy law?

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As long as you didn't have a reaffirmation approved by the bankruptcy court, you no longer have personal responsibility to the bank to make the payments. As long as you keep the vehicle, you must maintain insurance, but once you return the truck, your responsibility to it ends due to your bankruptcy discharge. Hope this perspective helps!

Michael Rice

Michael Rice


I would only add that this circumstance is pretty touchy in that different courts treat this issue differently. If you have a lawyer, talk to him or her. If not, it might be worth spending a few hundred dollars to have a lawyer look at the issue.



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If you did not reaffirm it, you can return it now and it will be considered included in the bankruptcy.

Clark County, Nevada practitioner.


Generally speaking, if a Chapter 7 debtor does not sign a reaffirmation agreement, then said debtor is not responsible for that debt. I would advise you to contact the attorney who filed your case and confirm that you did not file a reaffirmation agreement. Better safe than sorry.

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