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I was deported in 2009, do i still qualify for dream act?

Aurora, CO |

I was applying for a permanent resident status and i had my appointment in cd Juarez, but it was denied when i was trying to get back i got deported but i still came back, i was out of the usa for about a month. Do i qualify?

I was referring to DACA

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If you otherwise qualified for DACA, then the issue is whether your departure was "brief casual and innocent" from the US. The continuance residence period for DACA can be met even if with short absences from US. However USCIS has specific guidance which provides unfortunately that if the absence was because of an "order of exclusion, deportation, or removal" it will not qualify under the exception. Have a consult with excellent counsel to discuss further but based on your question it does not appear that you meet the continuous residence requirement. An attorney can also help you to determine why you were denied and whether you need a waiver. Good luck

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No. Illegal Reentry after removal not only disqualifies you from DACA. but also subjects you to the "lifetime bar" which means you will have to spend 10 years outside the US before you could even think of applying for anything.

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Possible solution for you can be in the details of your "deported". consult with removal specialist to get a better picture of your eligibility.

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