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I was denied benefits from 5/27/12-6/23/12 and I am awaiting my appeal hearing. Advice would be appreciated.

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In June I had to travel for my wife's job (we have proof she was on business) because we have an infant. The travel dates are the following:

5/31-6/5 - Gone. During this time, I have proof that I applied to 3 positions and had 2 phone interviews scheduled.
6/8-6/9 - Gone. Friday night to Saturday
6/22-6/26 - Gone. During this time, I have proof that I applied to several positions.

I am not sure what the rules are for traveling when you are collecting UI benefits. They are denying the whole month & penalizing me for 5 wks for a 6/2 payment. What is the best argument for the appeal and if you are gone for part of the week, is it customary for them to withhold the entire week. I have a proven track record of job applications and interviews. Thanks.

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It appears that your question relates to unemployment benefits, so I added tags; in the event your question might be seen by attorneys on this site that are more likely to handle this matter.

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Good grief! You were gone for less than half the month! Generally, a person claiming unemployment benefits (a “claimant”) is eligible for benefits if he or she is: (1) out of work due to no fault of his or her own; AND (2) physically able to work; AND (3) actively seeking work; AND (4) ready to accept work. Details about eligibility for unemployment benefits can be found on the web site of the California Employment Development Department (EDD) here: My guess is the reason you were denied was the last requirement, "ready to accept work." You have to be available, which means close enough to the jobs you applied for to get there right away. If you can truthfully say you would have flown back on the next plane for an interview or to start work, that would probably help.

The California Employment Development Department (EDD) provides helpful information on its website:

Home page

Eligibility requirements

Summaries of the law (Benefit Determination Guide)


Precedent Decisions (law the administrative law judges rely on)

Frequently asked questions

Filing a claim for unemployment benefits

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To add to the thorough advice provided by Ms. Spencer, in a case I had very similar to yours, the judge was especially honed in on the issue of what the applicant would do if requested to come in for an interview immediately. He was fixated on the fact that because the client was a long distance away, he removed himself from availability because he could not be there for an interview.

Focus in on how you would have been able to return at a moment's notice, if an opportunity arose.

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