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I was court order to pay cs/ss since 2005 and was to be terminated when the youngest turned18 or graduated from school

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My son turned 19 a few days after graduating in may 2012. I have sent info to the courts to discontinue payments according to the court ruling I have, yet they havent responded and the payments continued up to the day of my termination which was 10/2012. I have a friend telling me they can garnish my new job paychecks for the money and they will not adjust the amount unless I advise them of which I did! How do I get them to stop before they begin garnishing? My son has also not followed up with any college or additional schooling or even work. He lives with his grandmother. I bearly make enough for myself on this pay. If they garnish me of the amount they pulled before that was with my higher paid job, I wont have a penny! I would have to work a second job and not physically able.

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You may not have completed the documents correctly. Talk with an attorney to make sure it is correct. If they were done right, call the court and find out which judge has the case, call the judge and see if you can get a time frame of when the matter will go before the judge. It might be in your best financial interest to get an attorney to help you.


Attorney Zachary offers you excellent advice. The paper work must not have been correct, as you seem to have met all the contingencies to have child support eliminated. It is in your best interests, financial and otherwise, to contact a local custody attorney to review and advise. Good Luck.

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