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I was convicted of a crime in Arizona, I served my time and was given probation. I live in CA, Los Angeles county,

Culver City, CA |

Arizona probation transferred me to CA, but instead of a probation officer I am getting a Parole officer to look after my case, California does not have probation according to them. Now I cannot get out of the county without permission. What are my options to change this? Thanks for your help

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You need an attorney, probably in AZ, but maybe CA can do this. It's going to depend on the facts and circumstances of your case. Perhaps you can make a motion for early termination of probation, or convert your probation to summary probation. All going to depend on the nature of your case and how much probation you've completed, etc.

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CA has parole, probation and post release community supervision. Someone screwed up but you may have to hire a lawyer to straighten it out.


Have you asked to change this condition? If not, just ask. It may be a mistake. If it is not a mistake, you can file a motion for modification of probation under Penal Code section 1203.3(a) and ask that a judge change a condition. If there is a bona-fide reason, such as for work because the probation condition restricts the job duties you can assume, courts will be pretty amenable to modifying probation so that the scope of the effects do not exceed their purpose (preventing recidivism mostly).

I see you are asking this question from Culver City. It would seem quite common from someone in Culver City (LA County) to need to travel to Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and maybe Ventura County for work. Does this apply to you? Can your employer assist you in this regard?

What Mr. Solis suggested is also excellent advice - ask to change your probation from formal to informal. Whether a judge will grant such a request depends upon how much probation (what percentage of the total probationary period) you have completed and whether you have fulfilled all terms of your probation.

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