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I was convicted in 2007 for 23152 (DUI) & court ordered 90 Day DUI Program. Since it's been 7 yrs, can I get Court to rescind?

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Found guilty in Contra Costa Co, Walnut Creek (now Martinez) on 7/25/2007. Have not been driving since and would like to drive again. All fees and fines paid for and have a current SR-22 on file.

For clarity, I would like to know if I can avoid attending the Program but DMV told me that the Court would have to be the decision thus, is it doable?

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No. That was part of the agreement. You wouldn't like it for the court to come back years later and say "I know we agreed to this, but we changed our mind. We really want you to do more stuff."

If you were ordered to do the program, it was part of your probation. This means you now have a probation violation and the court can now do away with the previous terms and increase punishment since you breached the "contract".

Additionally, if it was a DUI program (not rehab), dmv will require you complete it before they will issue a license to you.

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Not sure about in violation of the 3 year probation, but it was dismissed after three years in 2010. Not a DMV thing, was a Court thing. Thanks for the assist


The alcohol school? Is that the program your speaking of? Even if the court rescinds, you still have to complete it for DMV, so no.

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No, you have to suck it up and do the DMV program. Even if the court 'rescinded' and didn't order it (which they most assuredly would not do), the DMV will still require completion of this on their own before you can get your license back.


DMV will not reissue your license until you complete the program.

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I can't think of a reason why the court would remove the requirement that you complete a 3-month DUI Class. Ignoring the requirement for 7 years is not a compelling reason.

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