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I was cited for VC 22350 going 75+ in a 45 MPH zone while passing a truck, but the officer pulled me over at a stop light.

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The officer agreed that a Fedex truck making a right turn, merged onto the road from a stop sign, onto the left lane aka "fast lane". She indicated that I did not signal when I merged right to avoid a collision with said truck. When merging onto the right lane, I did not have enough time to signal as I made a quick decision to merge and there was no oncoming traffic with clear skies. At this time, I did safely accelerate to pass the truck and signaled to merge back into the left lane. Appearance was mandatory and I plead not guilty. Trial is schedule for 6/14/13, but I would like to enter a plea bargain because I have no history of a speeding ticket/accident. I am currently in school, working part time. How should I proceed with obtaining a plea bargain w/o counsel?

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if you choose to go without counsel.. show up at the trial and request to speak to the officer if he shows up. You can explain to him at that point and respectfully request him to amend the charge to a non-point violation. Obviously, obtaining counsel would probably be beneficial, but you can certainly do this on your own. Good luck!


You should be eligible for traffic school to avoid a point and keep your driving record clean. You can ask the judge and the officer at court for a lower fine in exchange for a no contest plea. Best case scenario, the officer won't show up and you get a dismissal.


You have to speak to officer at trial and pray! Ask for a 38300. This is a non point moving violation. Maybe he won't show!! Good luck.

Andrew Roberts

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I tried to obtained the speed survey for the strip of road I was pulled over at and alleged to have been speeding, but there is no survey available does this constitute a speed trap?

Andrew Stephen Roberts

Andrew Stephen Roberts


Quite possibly

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