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I was cited by a traffic camera for allegedly speeding, but I know that my wife and I did not commit the violation.

Tacoma, WA |

We were driving on a road when a car came speeding up behind us. We moved to the far right lane to allow the car to speed around us, and not a couple of seconds later, we passed the camera, and the camera captured our license plate since we were closer to the camera than the other car was. Is it fair that the other car was speeding, but we're the ones that got our license plate taken on the photo? You can also clearly see that we veer slightly off of the road to the right to avoid the car that was speeding.

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The only traffic cameras used for speeding tickets in WA that I am aware of are those around schools. Given that now is the middle of summer break when schools are out, it seems unlikely that those cameras would be working. Also, the speed zone around schools when children are not present may not be in effect.

If there was actually a traffic camera used to issue speeding tickets, it is likely that both vehicles were recorded and ticketed. You are not notified when the other driver is ticketed.

To have you found to have committed the infraction, specific procedures must be followed by the police, prosecutor, and court. Often, someone does not follow procedures giving the ticketed person a legal basis to have the ticket dismissed.

If you want to contest the ticket, you should review the specific facts with your attorney to find out your legal options.


Traffic cameras in many areas are in effect 24/7. If speed is the issue you wish to challenge, then contest the ticket. You always have the right to see the city's evidence against you and challenge such evidence in court.

This answer is given merely for informational purposes and does not create an attorney-client relationship. For specific advice, contact an attorney in your state to see if working together makes sense.