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I was charged with reckless conduct for leaving my 5 year old son in the car alone when i go to the shop while i was on vacation

Atlanta, GA |

i cannot make the court date as i have to go back home to Britain. Can i miss the court date, what is the worst that could happen?

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Retain a lawyer here to handle this matter. Missing your court date is not an option, unless your attorney can waive your arraignment on the matter. Otherwise, the court will issue a warrant for your arrest that will be served on you the next time you enter the country. Ultimately, you could probably work this case out with payment of a fine and enter your plea in absentia. You would have to forward the funds to your local attorney for payment of the fine instanter, but you would not have to return for court. That's what everyone would be hoping for you anyway.

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They will issue a warrant for your arrest. Better option is to hire a lawyer to handle it.


They'll issue a warrant for your arrest for your failure to appear in court. That means the next time you come to the United States you'll be arrested when coming through security. The best thing to do is to hire a local criminal defense lawyer to take care of the day to day matters here and contact you when you may have a trial. It's very likely this could be worked out in your absence or even a plea could be entered with your permission without having to be here. But to do all of that you'll need a lawyer here in Atlanta. Feel free to contact me privately if I can help.


Issue a warrant for your arrest, potentially detain you if you try to come back into US. Get a lawyer to help save you this aggravation!


They will issue a warrant for your arrest. They won't extradite you for it but if you ever want to return to the U.S. you are facing arrest upon entry. Hire an attorney who may be able to resolve it in your absence.


If you miss the court date the court will issue a Bench Warrant. The next time you try and enter the United States you will be detained based on the Bench Warrant. I am familiar with an American citizen that had an outstanding traffic citation in Georgia that was stopped when returning home from his honeymoon in Mexico. Quick action by an experienced local attorney saved the day and he was allowed to go on his way. I would advise you to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you. The attorney can follow the legal procedures necessary to defend you and possibly resolve the case without you having to return to the United States. Good Luck!
George McCranie

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