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I was charged with driving witth suspended or revoked license dui related but dui was well over 12 years ago .

Pottsville, PA |

shouldn't that suspension already been served. i only don't have my license because of my unpaid fines. i actually think it is revoked because of un paid fines.

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Unless and until your operating privileges have been restored you may be charged under Section 1543(b) Driving Under Suspension- DUI Related regardless of when that suspension was scheduled to terminate. If the subsequent suspensions are related only to unpaid fines, you should make every effort to pay those fines and seek restoration of your privileges.

F. Dean Morgan
The Morgan Law Firm

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Mr. Morgan is correct. Due to the legnth of time that has pass since the DUI there is a chance that your privledges should have been restored but were not due to a technical glitch, it is extremely important that you contact an attorney to assist you with this matter. Best of luck.

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