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I was charged with disorderly conduct in a bank and was cuffed without being read my rights....what is florida law on rights?

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damage to my car on bank property from their negligence forced me to notify the mgr who proceeded to take every bit of personal id information and didnt tell me where she sent it. She refused to give me a copy of her report, a contact phone# or her name. I refused to leave the bank until she gave me proof of something worrying about identity theft. Iwas told to leave by police and refused telling they would have to arrest me. They cuffed me there. I realized 1 day after bail that I never had right read to me? What is florida procedure for reading of rights. I am deaf.

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The reading of the Miranda rights is not required for arrest.

The Miranda rights are required when two things happen: (1) when you're in custody AND (2) the police are going to question you. I have some information about Miranda on my web page (scroll down):



Once you are arrested and when the police begin to question you, you are then entitled to be read your rights before questioning begins. If the cops fail to read your rights then any answers you gave will not be allowed into court as evidense agaist you. This is the only remedy.In your case it does'nt appear to be an issue in I doubt you admitted to the crime or answered any questions. the mere fact of no reading of rights is of no signicance unless you made an admission of guilt.

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