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I was charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing/resisting arrest in a 7/11. How do I subpoena the surveillance?

Milwaukee, WI |

In the police report, it said I was holding up the line and I was causing a commotion. Also in the police report, it claimed I refused to ID myself to a uniformed officer and once I was hand cuffed I tried pulling away.

The 7/11 said they would be willing to give me the tapes, but needed clearance from corporate. I don't have time to wait.

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You may be able to postpone your court dates until the 7-11 is able to provide the surveillance footage. Otherwise, you may have to go through court to get a subpoena for the tapes.



I was going to give it another day, but I wanted to just go through court to get a subpoena for the tapes. I was wondering, do I subpoena the managers or 7/11? Or both? I have the forms and everything set to take into the judge, just don't know who to address it to.


The Clerk of Courts can issue a subpoena in a criminal case, but you need to provide them with the identity of the correct person to serve it on, and an accurate description of what needs to be produced, as well as a time, date, and location (which court) to appear.

You will then have to pay a process server to attempt expedited service. If it can't be accomplished in time, you should provide the court and the prosecution with advance written notice of the need for an adjournment, and the reason it is required.

Presumably the judge has already warned you about the risks of proceeding without counsel.

Good luck.

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