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I was charged with conspiracy to grand larcany i think,and would like a opinion on my situation.

Richmond, VA |

This happened on my birthday. I was released that night. The guy i was with said he was getting me something for my birthday, so i got a groglide razor, didnt think he had much money so that was something cheap. I picked up a bottle of lotion and got that as well. He asked me where was the body wash i pointed to it. so with it being my birthday i didnt want to just sit in the house so i just went. When we was about to leave, he said to me come on lets go this way(through th garden area in Wal-Mart). I stated no, we have to go this way to the register. He said to me we aint have to pay for s**t lets go. I said no you go head im going to the register because by that time i had picked up some cereal and milk. I payed and left then the police had got us.

im a 20 year old college sophomore with a 3.7 GPA. I have no criminal record prior to this, and it was some mistake i made and i regret. Im in desprate need od some answers please help.

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You have been charge with a crime and you have gone online and made statements against your best interest, in writing in a pubic forum.. Right now you are zero for two. Failing to get yourself a criminal defense attorney will make it a strike out.

Hire a criminal defense attorney immediately. Do whatever it takes--borrow money from your parents/relatives.

Stay offline (social networks too) with any discussion of the incident. Let your attorney know what you posted.

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You can be charged with conspiracy if you have knowingly participated in the planning of the larceny offense, or you assisted in the crime. Simply being present when a crime occurs does not link you to that crime by itself.

You should speak to a criminal defense lawyer in your area. They may be able to subpoena video tapes from the store to help your case.

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