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I was charged with battery and its my first offense what are the possible consequences?

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My fiance was cheating on me and when I went to go pick her up she was aggravated. She then slapped me and verbally abused me. Then we pull up to a gas station to go get gas she trys to call the guy that she was cheating on me with and I go to grab the phone she breaks the $750 Iphone then pushes my 2000 bike over. Then I just snapped and started hitting her

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If the battery is going to be filed as a felony, it's likely to be a third degree felony thus placing your total exposure to five years prison. However, this is unlikely if it's your first offense. If you case has not yet been filed, then your attorney can negotiate with the state to try and avoid a felony filing, and perhaps file misdemeanor battery charges instead. Local prosecutors here will often times negotiate these matters.


I agree with Mr. Lockett. it is important for you to be represented as soon as possible to avoid the worst consequences as soon as possible. Usually, once a filing decision is made it is very difficult to un-do.

If you are charged with misdemeanor or domestic battery, and you are either found guilty or plea the case out, you would likely be looking at court costs, fees, a class and term of probation as a first offender.

However, early representation can make a huge difference to how your case is filed and how it is disposed, so speak to a criminal defense attorney. My office offers free consultations. Good luck.


I provide a detailed discussion of the types of battery charges on my website. Please visit there for more information.

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