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I was charged with assault-4 and I got a Continuance without Finding. Do I need to include this on a job application?

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The charge will be dropped next month (I completed court-ordered anger management and paid all fines). My concern is that the application for this particular job needs to be submitted immediately (and it will be reviewed in the next few days), but the pending dismissal won't happen for another two weeks.

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It depends on what the question is that they ask on the application. If they ask you if you've been convicted of a crime you can't answer that you have not. However, if they ask you if you've ever been charged with a crime you would have to answer yes.

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You need to read the question of the application very carefully to see if you need to include your history or not. HOWEVER, I suggest you don't include this information and just say that you would like to talk to the person about something and then explain the situation to the person in charge so that there are NO SURPRISES.


You should ask your lawyer that helped you!

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