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I was charged with an out-of-state DUI in Maryland. The charges were dropped. How can I expunge my arrest record?

Gurnee, IL |

I am a resident of IL and was charged with DUI/DWI along with 12 other charges in Maryland back in 2012. All of these charges were dropped by the court (nolle pros).

How can i expunge the whole thing? And what would be the benefits? Would it help if i go out of USA and visa stamping and job hunting?

For doing expunge, should i get lawyer from MD or i can take one from IL?

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This is a matter to be asked of a MD attorney. You should repost your question from a MD location to attract the attorneys from that state. Leaving the country would probably be irrelevant to expunging any cases.


As attorney Goldstein explained, this is a matter for a MD attorney.


I recommend that you contact the the lawyer who represented you in the DUI case or another Maryland Attorney who practices in that county.


Expungements must occur in the court where the sentence was entered. Maryland law will determine if an expungement of this matter is possible. In Illinois DUIs are not expungeable. Talk to the lawyer who represented you.

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