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I was charged with a terroristic threat but it got dropped to a lesser conclusive of disorderly conducted. i need a expunged

Cordele, GA |
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Georgia law only allows for expungement in very specific situations. Unless you had an agreement, in writing, with the prosecutor when you entered a plea on the charge, it is not likely to be expunged. Typically diversion programs, or other pretrial programs are the most common situations where a charge is expunged. Just because a case or charge is dropped, or lowered, it does not mean expungement will be possible.

Depending on the jurisdiction, you can usually go to the arresting agency (the police or sheriff's department who arrested you) and fill out an application for expungement. They will either approve or deny it based on the law and any agreement that may have been made.

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When you say "dropped" did you plead guilty to it? If so, you probably can NOT get it expunged, although there are rumblings of changes to Georgia's expungment statutes ... but, even with that, if you were convicted of the lesser charge, I doubt that you would be eligible for expungement. Regardless, go through the process and see what happens. Good luck.

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If I understand your question -- your were originally charged with Terroristic Threats and Acts (felony) but the charge was reduced to Disorderly Conduct (misdemeanor). If you plead Guilty to the Disorderly Conduct charge I doubt that you will be able to get it expunged based on the current laws in Georgia. Georgia law does not allow for the expungement of a conviction. The charge and resulting conviction would remain on your criminal history. I hope this information is helpful. Good Luck!

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George F. Mccranie IV

George F. Mccranie IV


I practice in the Cordele Circuit quite regularly. If you have additional questions please feel free to contact my office 912-383-7581.


The easiest way to get it expunged is if you pled under the First Offender Statute. If you did, you can apply to the prosecutor's office to agree to remove the conviction and arrest upon completion of the First Offender sentence. Any other means is highly unlikely.

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