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I was charged with 4th degree DUI in April of 2013. I am on Supervised probation for a year. Can I go on vacation out of the U.S

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On my probation conditions it does not order that I follow the general conditions of probation. In the general conditions it states that you have to ask p.o. for permission to leave the state. Since this is not checked as an order can I go on vacation out of country. I am planning to go to Asia

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Generally, on a first offense DWI, there is no restriction on leaving theState. However, if you have a probation officer, you should make inquiry with that probation officer.

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It probably will not be an issue but best to discuss it without the PO ahead of time so as to avoid any problems. Good luck.

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Not leaving the state is often a condition of felony probation; generally not for a misdemeanor. Still, it is a good idea to check with the probation office to be sure, and avoid any issues that could arise (such as impact on completing other conditions of probation).


I agree with my colleagues.