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I was charged in PA with a S 75 3802 A1 - DUI, a S 75 3802 A- DUI-minor, and s 75 3817 A- minor operating with alcohol

Harrisburg, PA |

What is the difference between these and does that mean I have two DUI's for the one instance?

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Please go to,and link to find an Attorney to find a DUI attorney near you.Justin Mc shane would be a good choice to call for DUI legal advice.I'm not from your state,but these charges arising out of the same arrest seem to be different ways to charge the same thing/or different charges with one for a dui,and one for dui for a minor and one for operating w/alcohol.Chances are that this is a way for the state to have to different ways to prosecute you,but would not be three DUI,s

Victor Carmody


Looks like you would not have two DUI's for the same instance to me, just a way to charge a lesser included offense. I often see charges like this.

If you are in Harrisburg, simply call Justin McShane. He is the best DUI defense attorney in that area of the state and would be the only person I recommend.


Here's the third recommendation to contact Justin McShane. He is one of the best in the country as well as in PA. Although I am not licensed in your state, it is my guess that these are 3 charges stemming from the same incident and you could onyl be convicted of one of the three. This is very similar to the DUI and DUI per se law in Colorado.

Contact Justin or another licensed attorney in PA. is the best wesbite to find a DUI Defense Attorney.


Definitely contact the McShane Firm in Harrisburg - you'll be in completely competent hands.

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