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I was charged in PA with a 75$3802$$A1* Lead 75$3714$$A 75$3745$$A

Allentown, PA |

I was charged in PA with a
75$3802$$A1*(Lead) DUI:Gen Imp/Inc of Driving safely 1st off
75$3714$$A Careless Driving
75$3745$$A Acci Dam to Unattended Veh orPropert
Does that mean I have 3 different charges for one instance? How safetly this can be handled. Please recommond any good Attorny.

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Although the accident with unattended vehicle is a separate charge for allegedly striking a parked car. This would generally not incur additional penalty.


Not sure what you mean when you ask " How safely that can be handled" but if your asking can you get a positive result then I'd say with the qualification that there are no guarantees and you have not provided us with a lot of information , yes you could achieve a positive result. If this is your first criminal offense you should be eligible for the County's ARD program which would allow you to avoid a conviction. Different counties have different rules regarding ARD some make you plead to the underlying summary traffic offenses in order to avoid the DUI conviction others do not and will wipe out the traffic offenses entirely.

Remember just because you may be eligible for ARD does not mean that you should "automatically" apply. Every case is different and should be evaluated independently of other cases.

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To clarify, in Allegheny County, generally all of the charges except for one count of DUI are withdrawn as part of the ARD program.

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