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I was charged in 2009 with access device an my lawyer got it down to a i have had no luck what so ever with

Harrisburg, PA |

Finding a job so im goin back to school in april for dental asst. i want to know if i will be able to get a job after i do my schooling with this on my record? I really dont wanna go into all this if its just gonna put me in deeper then i already tryin to make my life better but i dont know if its worth goin to school if no dentist office will hire me. If anyone has any answers plzzzz let me know.

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Your ability to get a job will depend on your future employer so unfortunately there is no certainty as to getting hired. If your future lob requires a license then you should inquire with the licensing board that covers your profession to see if your conviction will hinder your ability to get a license.


In addition to what my colleague has stated, you may want to apply for a Governor's pardon. You wouldn't qualify for an expungement. I've written a recent blog explaining the difference and what the pardon process entails. See the link below.

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