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I was charged DUI while station oversea in the miltary back in 2010. Will this show up in a crimial background check?

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I recieved a DUI charge during my Active Duty time in the military while station at South Korea. I paid the fine at local court and recieved Letter of Reprimand in the military side. I seperated with Honorable Discharge, but I'm not sure if that will show up in any of my criminal record both national and international. I'm trying to pursue a career that requires a international background check. How can I go ahead to check for it?

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Call JAG and ask.

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Check with the authorities in Korea if not on the base, and with the military justice system if it was on the base.


Follow the advice of my colleagues. You should also get an Abstract of Driving Record from your local New York DMV. It will cost you $10 at most and will show you your driving record as New York is aware of it.

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Go to DMV and purchase an abstract of your driving record to see if it is listed. Your future employers will see the same thing. You can also buy an online search since the Albany computer may have it even if DMV does not.


By all means check, but my mind would be boggled if it were listed as a DMV related record. I would be more concerned that the Letter of Reprimand is reachable as part of your discharge record.

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