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I was changing lanes on a local road, had blinker on, thought I had room, but my car and car in other lane collided. My rear

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quarter panel and front fender of other car. There were scratches on both cars, no dents. Very minor damage to both Other driver called cops and I got careless driving tckt What are chances in fighting? Have clean driving record if that matters

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Seems like a ticky tack citation, and your best chance may be that a judge agrees and decides to let you off, but that may be a long shot. The clean driving record will probably not affect a finding of guilt or innocence. Your best chance is to call a traffic citation attorney to evaluate the case.

Good luck.


If you feel the evidence is strongly in your favor and you want an expert to help you, you can hire a traffic attorney to build your case. Otherwise, you can request a trial by written declaration and attempt to persuade the judge to dismiss the violation.

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Consult a traffic ticket attorney with all of the evidence to investigate the incident and advise you.

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Based upon the factual scenario you described, your chances of success in obtaining a complete dismissal of the ticket may be somewhat limited. Alternatively, you may want to plead not guilty, go to court, and then ask to speak with the proesecutor. If you have a clean driving record and no one was injured in the accident, there is a fairly good chance that the prosecutor will agree to plea your ticket down to a no point ticket. Be advised, however, that the no point ticket may have a greater monetary fine. Depending on what you plead guilty to, you shgould know that there may also be a limit on the number of times you can plea to certain no point tickets. Some people actually prefer to plead guilty to the ticket with the points, as opposed to the no point ticket, as the fine is less and the points may be dropped over time if you have no additional tickets.


Its a tough road to hoe without an attorney. Also, if you're found guilty, there could be a subsequent civil lawsuit. I would immediately seek the consult of an experienced attorney who handles these types of situations. I offer free 30 minute consultations. Good luck.

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Jeffrey Eric Grabelle

Jeffrey Eric Grabelle


If you have been notified by an attorney that the other driver has been injured, you may want to let your own insurance company know of the charges. They may provide an attorney for you free of charge (well, you paid them already with your insurance premiums). Good luck!


Spend a couple hundred bucks for a local traffic court lawyer, and your chances for a successful outcome increase exponentially.

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