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I was caught shoplifting at kohls and never received anything in the mail, should I be worried?

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I was caught a while back in February of this year for stealing a pair of earrings that cost no more than $20 (I think it was $10 but I'm not exactly sure). I was living in the dorms at the time and gave them the address, although I'm not sure if it was correct, to send whatever amount they were going to charge me for attempting to shoplift at their store. I never received anything in the mail and I'm thinking it could be because I might have given them the wrong address or the dorms somehow lost it. Either way I never called them about it. Should I be worried that this will somehow show up on my criminal record or that it will somehow affect me later for not paying them?

No cops were involved but they said I was never allowed in kohls ever again, including any of the other kohls anywhere. Should I be worried about getting caught for trespassing at a different kohls somewhere else if I actually want to shop there?

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As providing an incorrect address may have prevented you from getting your mail, I'd recommend checking your sheriff's website to see if you have a warrant and/or calling the courthouse to see if you have one. If you do have a warrant, contact an attorney in your area to help resolve the issue. Going forward, I'd avoid khols.

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