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I was caught rolling a right turn on red twice by a red light camera. I paid my first violation, can I challenge the second one?

Palm Coast, FL |

The two incidents happened about 7 days apart from each other, on the same intersection. I've been making that right turn on that intersection for about 3 years now to get to my university but I've only had issues with the law now that some cameras have been set up there. I already paid off my first hefty fine but I would really like to get off paying for the second. Can my city truly penalize me like this? At least when a traffic officer pulls you over and writes you a ticket, he informs you of your mistake so it wouldn't happen again. Here, I was never informed of my mistake and I was never quite familiar with the laws on a right turn on red. So now I would like to ask if I should challenge that second violation or should I just pay it and avoid that intersection for the rest of my life?

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To date, red light cameras are constitutional in Florida. Therefore, your city can legally penalize you for every single occurrence. Without knowing more, a challenge of your second violation may or may not be successful. However, an experienced Florida traffic ticket lawyer can certainly take a look at your particular case and give you a more accurate assessment. Good luck!!


Ignorance of the law is not a defense. With that said, ticket lawyers are probably the best investment you could make. As they often win these cases on technicalities. But if you go and try to fight it yourself, I almost guaranty you will lose.


Before you're handed a license, you take a test on the rules of the road. So, yes, your city can ticket each violation. A challenge of your ticket may be successful and it may not be. I suggest that you hire a local attorney handling traffic tickets before going to court if you decide to challenge the ticket.

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