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I was caught for retail theft in how do I know if I am going to court?

Harrisburg, PA |

3 months ago I was caught for retail theft of groceries in PA. The police were only called to get my information, I did not sign anything, the police did not hand me a ticket. I have one prior for retail theft when I was a minor, but that should be sealed now that I am an adult. What should I expect? Will I go to court?

*I cannot afford a lawyer

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You should retain a criminal defense attorney and ask for a hearing. The attorney may be able to negotiate the case to a summary charge other than a retail theft.


You may receive court documents in the mail. The preliminary arraignment will be scheduled followed by a preliminary hearing if the retail theft is a second offense. Otherwise you will be cited for a summary offense. Or, the store and police will choose not to go forward.


You' e received good responses with which I agree. If anything on the criminal side occurs, you will be notified by mail, provided they have a good address. If you've moved since the incident or otherwise think they din't have a valid address, contact a qualified criminal defense attorney without delay. If you receive mailed notification, open it immediately, read it carefully and get in touch with suitable counsel right away. Good luck.


Make sure you do not move and check your mail. You should get a summons in the mail. I don't think its a jail case if you have only one prior. An attorney probably could minimize your penalty.

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