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I was born in china but raised in Chile, can I use my Chilean citizenship to apply for EB2 Employment based visa?

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Hi, I was born in China, but I moved to Chile when I was 9 years old, currently I am holding the Chile Citizenship. Can I apply using that citizenship to apply for the EB2 category employment based visa?. I am holding master degree in computer science from an accredited college in USA.

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I agree with all of my colleagues - country of birth determines chargeability, even if you obtain citizenship somewhere else later (of course, you can still process a green card case under EB-2 if your employer can sponsor you for an EB-2 job; it will just be under chargeability for China).

One thing though - there is something called "cross-chargeability" - if your have a spouse born in Chile, you could process in the all-other category using her country of birth even though you, not the spouse, are the one being sponsored. May not help you, but once in a while this can be a big help to a family.


No. Visa chargeability is based on country of birth.

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Attorney Ferrari is correct

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No, my colleagues are correct.

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correct -- visa chargeability is only based on country of birth but if your spouse were from chile then you could cross-charge,.

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