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I was at fault but not cited in a minor rear end collision. Driver & passenger in the other car told deputy no injuries.

Augusta, GA |

Now a year later the driver is suing my insurance company and me for $109,000.00. The passenger made no claim. The damage to my small truck was a 2 inch scratch on the bumber requiring no repairs. I am certain there was no injury and the claimant is a gold digger trying to get something for nothing. My insurance company attorney or adjuster offered to settle for $20,000.00. Should I get my own attorney also at this point or wait to see if the settlement is accepted?

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Your insurance company has a duty to defend you and will hire an attorney to represent you in the case. If at some point you believe there is a conflict of interest between you and your insurance company, you may want to hire personal counsel to advise you of your rights. However, based on the facts presented, it doesn't sound like you have a situation where you should be concerned about your insurance company representing your interests.

Douglas Campbell Dumont

Douglas Campbell Dumont


Well said Mr. Champion.


You haven't stated how much liability coverage you have. If it is the minimum amount $25,000 and your carrier settles the claim for under that amount you probably don't need separate counsel.


As part of your car insurance premiums you have paid for complete legal reputation. The insurance company has a duty in Georgia to represent your interest equally with that of the insurance company. So, if you feel you need legal advice, start by asking your insurance company to give you the contact information of the lawyer they have to protect your interest. Hopefully you bought enough insurance to cover the loss. Good luck my friend.

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