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I was assaulted and the person chocked me until i was unconscious while telling me repeatedly to die is it attempted murder?

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i was visiting my parents tonight and while there there was an altercation with my father and brother. my brother was literally on top of my father assaulting him and i got upset and told my brother to calm down and have respect. my brother told me to stay out of his business and grabbed me by my throat. i freed his hand and made the comment this is nice you are going to beat me like you did your wife and he completely snapped on me. he punched me right in the face and chocked me three people were on top of him trying to get him off of me and could not succeed. i found myself waking several minutes later confused and bleeding. i could not swallow and i was bringing up blood. he repeatedly told me i was going to die and this scared me. i am a 28 year old female who has never been assaulted

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Yes, a jury might see this as an attempted murder.

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You should go to the hospital and have your injuries attended to. If you are inclined to notify the police, this could indeed be construed as attempted murder. If your brother has this form of rage and self control issues, perhaps legal intervention can assist to prevent him from harming anybody else

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I agree with the analysis of Mr. Daley and the comments of Mr. Crawford. You have a difficult decision as do potentially other members of your family who witnessed this event. I do not envy any of you.
I d not know what mental defenses may exist in PA. Nor do I , obviously have any insight into the probability of a jury finding favorably with a mental defense.
You might want to consult with an attorney to advise YOU. Not other family members as well, just YOU.
Perhaps your brother, made aware of these events [assume this is not the first , though perhaps the most recent and indictive of escalating violence], would agree to a conservatorship and plcement in a mental hospita to treat the problem.
You still need legal advice on how to appraoch this as you and other family members may be inadvertently exposing one another to prosecution for some crime a DA may contrive.
You and your family have my prayers.

The above is not intended as legal advice. The response does not constitute the creation of an attorney client relationship as this forum does not provide for a confidential communication.


Your brother has very serious anger problems which resulted in him committing several criminal offenses upon you and your father. You should seek medical attention and report this matter to the police.

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