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I was arrested on 10-3-09 disorderly conduct intox. After I reported a purse missing from a bowling alley.

Palm Coast, FL |

I called the police because while at a bowling alley my sister in laws purse come up missing.( It was expensive coach full of cash)
She was in from out of town we were out then the purse was missing, cops came I tried to tell them I thought the bar tender girl took it. He told me to get back, if we didn;t know what happened then how was he to know. He did not even take a statement! he cared less, I said some thinhgs to him f*** off because his attuide was bad then he grab me as I walk away twisted my arms behind me I was screaming stop I just had back surgery 2 weeks ago he said too bad, get in the car or Ill put you in the car. I spent 5 hours in horrible pain, now on my way to hospital to see what damage he has done to me. all because I wanted to report a purse missing. PROTECT & SERVE!

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You have failed to ask a question.

You have the right of free speech, even if that speech is unwelcome. However, one cannot employ speech that causes danger to others or creates a public nuisance, generally.

Police often dislike being what they perceive to be disrespected in a public (can be worse in private) and it is relatively easy for them to slap you with a disorderly charge as it punishes the speaker immediately without causing the officer any additional work.

You will have the choice of whether to plead no contest to the charge or not guilty and your attorney will advise you accordingly.

If you suffered damages from the encounter (medical bills, permanent nerve damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, etc.), then you may have a suit against the city for excessive use of force. You may wish to prevail on the criminal charge to pursue the civil claim.

Either way, the lesson is to document what the police do when they're called, but don't try to shout them into being better public servants than they're inclined to be; it's a losing argument 99.99% of the time.


I agree with my colleague, and note that I already answered your reposted question at
which also did not ask a question. Consider re-posting again with a question. Good luck.

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